As a continuation of the Quiet Sirens/Persistent Warnings series, "Misdirected" addresses gun violence in our schools. The "school crossing," advance warning sign is shot with bullet holes. Housed in a frame resembling a church, and populated with blindfolded saints on a school bleacher, the entire structure becomes a metaphor for a shooting gallery.


The saints sport the target pattern, but none are marked. St. Nicholas, patron saint of children, at the apex of the structure, wears a shotgun shell on his chest. 

Gun violence in our schools is just one of many ramifications that result from losing the ability to find place, and give rest, to issues not immediately resolved or answered.

Saints represent the spiritual ability to provide this  rest, this place. That their use is no longer considered viable speaks of our inability to find less violent means to cry out for help. What we have are the tools violently misused as our way of resolving our problems.  

Misdirected (full piece)