The Lobial Series


The temporal lobe is involved in processing sensory input into derived meanings for the appropriate retention of visual memorylanguage comprehension, and emotion association.

Quiet Sirens/Persistent Warnings
Quiet Sirens Persistent Warnings Mary Pr


Warnings of civil unrest, rise in hate crimes, increasing gun violence, and a reviving of racial discrimination follows us into the present millennium. The need to assign, mental and emotional resting places for issues not immediately resolved, is lost in our first world consciousness. The use of spiritual symbolism to give place to the unrest is a lost practice. 

The Aikido Series


The tranquility of the images draws upon  the discipline of Aikido, the qualities of butterflies, and images from Hokusai's woodcuts. 

Aikido Series Warrior Books.jpg
Times of Iron
Horstman_The Liminal Balance.jpg


Addressing AIDS and its representations in the media, aspects of prejudice, fear, ignorance, conflate with metaphorical images and symbols to give place for answers yet to be found.

Barong Series


The formal dress for males in the Philippines, the barong dictates traditionalism, classicism, and conformity. Images underlain in the gossamer fabric subliminally reveal the unrest of economic, ethnic, and lingering colonial desparity.

New Normals


With the advent of Covid 19, life in the US took a dramatic shift. Illness, death, racial upheaval, corruption, political disarray, all mandated major social reconstruction. Wanted or unwanted, "new normals" became a daily experience.

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